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Accessibility statement

Website accessibility

This website based on the Wix platform uses technologies that make it as accessible as possible. Wix uses an accessibility interface that allows people with disabilities to arrange the interface on the website according to their needs and according to their disability.


Types of accessibility for people with disabilities on the site itself

Keyboard Navigation - Flicker Off - Monochrome Mode - Sepia - High Contrast - Black Yellow - Invert Colors - Highlight Titles - Highlight Links - Show Description - Fixed Description - Readable Font - Increase Font - Decrease Font - Zoom In and Out - Large Marker - Black Marker - Reading mode.



Through accessibility to the building by physically arriving at the store

Chiro's store is located on the minus 1 floor of a building and the entrance is accessible to people with disabilities, including arriving by car to the store's entrance and barrier-free access to the store itself.  

Address: Habnai 32 Holon - access with a disabled vehicle through floor minus 1. 

Contact: 052-8854548 - Email:

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